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When Testing Meets Quality – Unlocking a New Pathway to Success

compliance digitization lab testing quality Nov 30, 2021

Success in business, whether it is manufacturing of apparel or footwear or any other product, is directly proportional to quality. Focus on quality usually creates a better brand image and increases success in business.


Compliance Paves Way for Quality


A fundamental way of improving quality is testing not just the finished product but also the raw materials and processes that play a role in product development. In addition to this, following international compliance laws and regulations is crucial to good quality. Not complying with the ever-changing regulatory landscape opens brands and retailers up to major risk. Compliance management software is a critical asset when navigating the regulatory environment! Whether the compliance checks are for operational processes of an organization or for raw materials/finished goods produced by the organization, adhering to the compliance laws enhances consistency and boosts customer trust and loyalty.


Did You Say Hindrance?


Testing the quality of an item can be challenging especially if the raw materials, finished products, and/or compliance checks are sourced from different locations. Add to this the complexities of different types of tests and their corresponding reports!


Pivot88 Has a Solution


Pivot88’s Lab Test module, part of the Quality & Compliance Pro platform, takes care of all of these issues and more, helping you deliver optimum and consistent quality. The new Lab Test module creates a standardized format to generate reports for various types of tests and enables you to have one consolidated report. It provides you with global visibility for all the testing labs as well as the diverse types of tests that may be involved. This helps to make the entire process of testing more agile and robust. The result – a drastic reduction of risk, error and cost.


One Platform – All the Benefits


The Lab Test module helps to connect a brand with all its suppliers, thereby enabling greater supply chain visibility.

Capturing test data in our system along with data from our other modules, empowers business leaders to better anticipate risk and act with trusted insights.  These modules include but are not limited to inspection, visibility on returns, and sales. Let us look at the numerous benefits of our Lab Test module:

  • Helps to consolidate reports in one place irrespective of the origin of the reports, whether they are from the third-party’s lab or a supplier’s in-house lab
  • Provides visibility to different stakeholders involved, further enhancing collaboration and optimizing lifetime of the reports
  • Makes the testing management processes such as test request generation, approvals, and automated notifications more efficient
  • Ensures that appropriate tests are requested and available at the right time. This further prevents mistakes or omissions in the operations or procurement/production of goods
  • Links with other processes for smoother operation and optimization of resources. For example, let’s consider a hypothetical situation where inspection needs to be scheduled after a lab test report is completed for one of the components. Unless the details of the report are available, the system will not allow the user to schedule the inspection. This in turn saves time, effort, and cost.


Pivot88’s Lab Test module is your go-to for a smoother, enhanced experience to expand your business. The Lab Test module can help you decrease production time and increase product reliability, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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