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Compliance Management Software

Transparency and CSR compliance at all stages of the supply chain.

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Custom Grading & Scoring

Easily evaluate and rank your suppliers with grading and scoring options based on your configurations.


Powerful Dashboard

Quickly filter and sort audit results by company for quick follow-ups on compliance and expiry dates.


The Sky’s the Limit

We are the ideal solution for building and managing endless audit types such as technical, social, environmental and more!

Build & manage your own checklists


Fully customize your audit report by building your very own checklists. Configure everything from point values and colors, to photo and comment logic. Reference photos and text can be easily added to help guide auditors. 

quality system checklist and auditor
Audit report with results on tablet

Discover potential issues…before it’s too late


Identify potential risks in your supply chain and ensure company standards are met before placing new orders. Standardized assessments will ensure consistency and limit subjectivity from the process. All reports are available in real-time with clear scores overall and by section.

Manage & Review

 Access our audits dashboard for a detailed overview of company results with quick links to view, print and share the full report. 

Manage audits page with print function


Audit expiry dates

can be automated based on audit scores, and grades with statuses help to easily identify and manage them.



can be configured to help remind stakeholders of any upcoming expiries and plan for re-audits.

Collaborate with suppliers

Pivot88 offers various Non-Conformity, Corrective Action Plan & Chargeback solutions that promote collaboration and transparency with suppliers.

  • Close the loop on non-conformities
  • Easily trigger an 8D Report
  • Measure the success of Corrective Action Plans
  • Book follow-up audits
audit reports
Collage lab test worker with lab test reports

All your lab test data in one place


Benefit from a unified and comprehensive dashboard consisting of both lab test report data, individual test data and a PDF report with easy access and filtering options. Reduce costs associated to lab tests and unnecessary re-tests in cases where the lifetime of the test is not maximized.

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