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Improve quality through visibility to all stages of manufacturing.

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Rank Your Vendor Base


Improve On-Order Inventory Management


Verify with Geo Tracking

Map of inspector locations by status

Quality inspections validated by geo tracking


Visibility at every stage of manufacturing with simplified booking for all types of inspections including:

  • 3rd party inspections
  • Self-inspections
  • Shadow inspections 

With location tracking to monitor progress and detect discrepancies.

Simplified material management


Manage SKUs, BOMs, and Raw Materials with ease, allowing you to collaborate with suppliers, organize and visualize materials, and create structured BOM documents in a breeze.

Hands on laptop creating a digital BOM document
Pivot88 bi-directional integration

Seamless integration


We understand that every business operates differently with unique systems and workflows in place. Our bi-directional integration capabilities connects to your existing systems to synchronize information across various platforms and departments simplifying your processes and boosting efficiency.

Unlock the power of data


With over 60 analytics charts & immersive reporting tools.


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Unleash the power of AI


Digital means data...and in many cases too much data. Our artificial intelligence helps you make sense of this data tsunami, altering you to risks to help you mitigate, navigate, and overcome obstacles before they become costly mistakes.

Artificial intelligence sorting data
digital quality inspection

Instant capture


Our mobile app offers many photo and comment capabilities. Whether used online or offline, users can capture defect data in their native language directly on the factory floor.

Configurations can be made by process with the option to visually identify defect locations on a product sketch.

Easily connect to external devices, such as a smart tape, to work more efficiently, capturing measurements quickly and more accurately.

Track the cost of quality


Track non-conformities and request 8D reports to suppliers to implement immediate and future corrective action plans. Costs can be easily tracked and charged back to the supplier. Validate that corrective action plans are in place and successful by requesting follow-up audits.

viewing digital NCR reports on laptop

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