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We originated from the classic innovation story of our founders not being able to find what they were looking for...


🎯 Our Mission

We understand your evolving challenges as you continue to navigate through an ambiguous future. We lead a digital revolution with technology that transforms by putting your consumer at the center of your supply chain. 

Powered by AI, Pivot88’s turnkey PAAS can be configured to aggregate your data to provide real time actionable insights empowering you to solve the significant and important challenges our industry faces today.


🔭 Our Vision

We know technology is not enough. We understand how hard it is to work differently and build meaningful relationships with suppliers and vendors. We share best practice and thought leadership to ensure you trust and connect with your supply chain partners to create certainty in a time of uncertainty.

Our History

Stephan Boivin co-founded Pivot88’s Platform As A Service (PAAS) in 2009 after holding executive positions in quality and supply chain management for Toyota Material Handling and Deloitte consulting in their supply chain practice.

During his work in these global corporations, he was frustrated by the lack of transparency and resilience in the supply chain. Most activities were managed on paper, and there was no system specifically addressing quality and immediate remediation of quality issues.

Boivin knew there had to be a better way to manage supply chain activities and ensure that quality was baked into the process.

Pivot88’s co-founder Isabelle Pilon, shared Boivin’s vision. As a former sourcing specialist in a leading Canadian teleco corporation, Pilon also saw first hand the challenges with manual supply chain processes.

Her vision was to use emerging cloud, digital, and mobile technologies to simplify and automate activities so that brands could build better relationships with their suppliers to focus on collaboration to manage quality and compliance.

We continue to enhance our solution, creating a better and more sustainable world through digital connection




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 Our People

Our platform is so good, that our team of industry experts are actually former clients who left the brands they transformed because they wanted to be part of a global industrial movement to protect the planet and the people who make the supply chain hum.


Jo Anne Benson

Sr Director, Product Solutions

A seasoned logistics and supply chain expert with over 30 years of industry experience working for Walmart, Under Armour, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and The Gap.

Blaise Desoblin

Account Manager

An experienced manager bringing a wealth of knowledge from the retail industry and third-party companies working for Electro Depot, Auchan, and DEKRA.

Sven Matzen

Account Manager

A sourcing and supply chain expert with nearly 30 years of experience working for Under Armour, Polartec, and Malden Mills.

Maxine LaCarte

VP of Product

An experienced technology development professional with more than 10 years leading innovation, customer success and education.

Isabelle Hajjar

Sr Director, General Counsel, Compliance & Data Protection

A highly accomplished, legally and technologically savvy professional with a focus on Data Privacy and Cybersecurity in the ICT field.

Philippe Rodzinski

Traceability Consultant & Environmental Textile Expert

A textile specialist dedicated to eco-conception, environmental sustainability, and recycling initiatives with almost 30 years in textile sourcing and consulting.

Craig Crawford


A dynamic, enthusiastic and collaborative Digital Transformation Strategist with 30 years of experience working for global fashion brands Burberry, Hugo Boss,, Tory Burch, Liz Claiborne, and The Gap.

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