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Because we solve significant & important challenges

  • Supply chain resilience, transparency & sustainability
  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility, traceability & collaboration - Tier 1 to Tier X
  • New & ever-evolving legislative mandates (AGEC, UFLPA)
  • CSR & supplier compliance
  • Real time chain of custody mapping
  • Quality, lab tracking & inspection
  • On time performance (OTIF) & booking compliance

Our AI is our secret sauce

Powered by AI, Pivot88's turnkey PAAS integrates all of your data regardless of its original source, providing actionable insights in realtime and alerting you to risks.

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 “Digital allows us to trust and connect with our supply chain, our design and development teams, our legal teams, and our customers. I can't imagine how we could have done this manually."

Xavier Laforge
Global Quality Manager at Oakley


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Available in 11 languages, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Pivot88 is the only platform that can get you up & running in as little as 4 weeks. We lead a digital revolution with technology that transforms.

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As Industry Experts, We Love To Share Our Know How

How Brands & Retailers Can Better Prepare for Regulatory Action

Understanding your supply chain after T1 can be a difficult task - it is a significant challenge to gain visibility upstream and trace a specific purchase order or product’s complete chain of custody...

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Data-Driven Transformation - 2022 Supply Chain Digitization Trends

Never has flexibility and technology moved hand in hand as much as they do now. The greater the flexibility of a business to adapt to the ever changing technology of today’s times, the greater its chances of success...

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 When Testing Meets Quality - Unlocking a New Pathway to Success

A fundamental way of improving quality is testing not just the finished product but also the raw materials and processes that play a role in product developmentIn addition to this, following international...

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