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Pivot88 Case Studies

Discover how Pivot88 has helped manufacturers and suppliers in the apparel, industrial and consumer goods markets increase product quality, shorten lead times and boost process efficiency.

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“We co-developed with Pivot88 a tool to track, with our  bill of materials, all the components we are using on our finished products. So it means fabric, trim and accessories, we'll have the footprint carbon indication, you'll know exactly where it has been made by which factory, and we're going to be 100% transparent with our end consumer.”

Xavier Laforge, Global Quality Manager, Oakley

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“…The right style, the right fit, in the right box with the right label… We needed a solution that gave us centralized access to real-time quality data at all stages, visibility into our suppliers and third-party inspection firms, and QC analytics to help improve our processes. Pivot88 considerably reduced the point of measure non conformity…”

Katia Berlin, Director of Sourcing Strategy & Business Process, Groupe Dynamite

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“In 2017, we started looking for a partner who could deliver on our high quality standards and found Pivot88 was the best vendor on the market. Not only does Pivot88 have the most expertise in digitizing quality inspections, they also bring the most user-friendly and flexible interface, supported in a multitude of different languages.”

Jacker Chan, Head of Operation (INTERSPORT Development)

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“For me, the main benefit comes with the reporting tools. The Inspection Booking Compliance analytics chart is one of the most powerful features of the tool. It’s the core of the information and if the booking compliance is not complete and accurate, then the rest of the performance will be affected."

Amando CuntapayHead of Quality Management, Boardriders Asia Sourcing

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What did it take for an innovative brand to move onto an innovative quality inspection platform?

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Golden Chang

A footwear factory group that puts quality at the centre of its business.

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