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Pivot88 presents on stage at Sourcing at Magic about supply chain relationships


Your Supply Chain is Only as Good as the Relationships You Make

Sneak Peek - Pivot88's technology engine, powered by AI, enables real time actionable insights facilitating...

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Pivot88 presents on stage at Premiere Vision Paris about smart tech in supply chain

Premiere Vision Paris Talk

Smart Tech - Revolutionising Product Journeys

The route a product takes from concept to consumer is being more heavily scrutinised than ever...

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Sourcing Journal Fireside Chat with Pivot88's Stephane Boivin about supply chain traceability

Sourcing Journal Fireside Chat

Why Traceability is Fashion's 'Biggest Area of Concern' Right Now

It’s often said that you can’t fix what you can’t see. But in today’s world of murky supply chains and corporate...

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Pivot88 on stage at ReThink discussing sustainable sourcing

ReThink Panel

Sourcing Sustainable Products Responsibly

The challenges and learnings from companies responsibly sourcing sustainable products and solutions...

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Pivot88's Isabelle Pilon discusses creating a transparent supply chain at Connected Retail Experiences

Connected Retail Experiences

Building Consumer Trust by Creating A Transparent Supply Chain

How our virtual tools and applied AI can build consumer trust and create a transparent and secure supply chain...

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Pivot88's Stephane Boivin discusses using virtual tools and artificial intelligence to mitigate supply chain risks during PI Apparel panel

PI Apparel Live Discussion

Using Virtual Tools and Applied AI to Mitigate Your Supply Chain Risks

Exploring how 4 technologies can reboot and protect your supply chain including virtual inspection...

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On stage at PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum discussing supply chain transparency

PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum

Digitized Integrated Process = Supply Chain Transparency

Capturing data, through the digitization of their quality and compliance processes, brought transparency...

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Digital Concept Background to show the advancement of technology and its effects on the fashion industry

The Interline

What Does Supply Chain Transparency Mean To The End Consumer?

Forthcoming Legislative mandates in France, Germany, the EU, and Canada...

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Digital Concept Background to show the advancement of technology and its effects on the fashion industry

California Apparel News

As the Industry Moves Forward Into Web3, Fashion Companies Must Keep Pace

While the fashion industry’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts...

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Robot and human finger touch to show how artificial intelligence helps build human relationships

Sourcing Journal

How AI Builds Human Relationships

While the fashion industry’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are shining a light on the “humanity behind the hemlines,” on the flip side...

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Collage of images showing the process a product takes from raw material and the importance of traceability and transparency in the supply chain

Premiere Vision

Better Relationships Mean Better Products

Your supply chain is only as good as the people in it.  Great relationships mean great results.  But maintaining...

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Happy young man sits with laptop showing how pivot88 integrates and consolidates data from various sources

Jornal T

Pivot88 Utiliza La Para Reduzir Risco Da Cadeia De Fornecimento

Alimentada por Inteligência Artificial (IA), a empresa canadiana Pivot88 leva até à Première Vision a sua proposta...

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The Interline article headline of integrated data intelligence being the key to transforming your supply chain set over a shot of workers on factory floor in garment production

The Interline

Integrated Data Intelligence: The Key to Transforming Your Supply Chain

As retail channels reopen, the pressure is on brands to control the speed, delivery, and quality of their next...

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