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5 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Quality & Compliance Software Provider

compliance implementation provider quality software Oct 05, 2020

After reading our blogpost “5 Things You Should Know Before Implementing a Quality & Compliance Software Solution” you have decided to take the leap. You are ready to digitize your quality and compliance processes. But who is the right partner to guide you through this journey?

Soon, you will be onboarding several users in different locations. Your software provider should have the right skills and tools to train your people (with or without COVID-related travel restrictions and social distancing measures):


  1. Experience: Ask for case studies and referrals.
  2. Features & functions: A lot of the software providers are relatively new on the market. This is why you want to compare the features & functions that are available and employed on the platform.
  3. Onboarding experience & approach: The change management of your teams and suppliers is key. Ask for and compare the strategies that are used by providers to support your team on the digital transformation journey.
  4. Training program. When you evaluate the costs of the solution, it is important to know what is included in the training program, and what is not.
  5. Languages: To ensure a smooth adoption of the solution, it is essential to have a tool in the language of your different teams across the world.
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