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5 Things You Should Know Before Implementing a Quality & Compliance Software Solution

compliance implementation quality software Sep 09, 2020

Implementing a quality & compliance solution is an important decision. Multiple teams in your company will be involved in the implementation, including Sourcing, Procurement, Quality, Merchandising, Planning, IT and Finance. Often, external partners will also be onboarded, such as third-party inspection firms, lab houses, suppliers, mills, etc.

The benefits are endless. The process optimization through digital transformation leads to substantial savings of time and money, such as eliminating the need for countless administrative tasks. At a higher level, executives can also benefit from this software solution. They get instant access to highly valuable data, empowering them to better assess sourcing and quality risks.

But before implementing a quality & compliance software solution, there are 5 things you should know:


  1. Select an internal sponsor to manage the project. The choice of a champion is very important to ensure effective coordination between the different stakeholders and have a change agent in the process.
  2. Communication is key – internally and externally. The project will impact various teams, both internally and externally. Communication is key to keep everyone on the same page and ensure alignment toward the objective.
  3. Support from the Management. This is key to every digital transformation project.
  4. Select the right partner. Choosing the right partner to help guide you through this journey is vital. Read our blog about selecting the right quality and compliance software partner.
  5. Just do it! This is not like implementing an ERP system. Some quality & compliance software providers can help you complete the implementation in just a few weeks, so you can immediately start generating results and benefits. The status quo is often riskier than to innovate. (Tip: Starting with a pilot or a phase 1 can be a good strategy if you wish to test the solution first – and give you a way out in case you are not generating the expected benefits.)
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