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Ensure compliance to a brand's CSR, sustainability policies and destination regulations.

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Learn About Your Supply Chain

Identify and map clear relationships between different company entities across all tiers in your supply chain.


Automation At Its Finest

Clear results keep you informed in real-time. All missing documentation and inconsistencies are flagged for your review.


Quicken Your Reaction Time

Non-compliance is identified with an easy-to-use colour system for fast reaction at all stages.


See Further Down The Line

Expand visibility beyond finished garments to gain important insights on fabric, yarn and bale.


Protect Your Brand

Ensure your brand’s compliance to CSR and Sustainability policies as well as destination country regulations.

Increase visibility & gain knowledge


Our virtual AI agent maps the chain of custody by scanning documents to reconcile the digital history of finished products from raw material, through to finished product, such as cotton bale through to yarn and fabric. All parties are identified and extracted to provide better visibility to brands and retailers.

Collage artificial intelligence scanning documents

Meet our virtual agents

Powered by applied AI

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International goods shipment tracking

We’re only getting smarter


Powered by Applied Artificial Intelligence, Pivot88 is continuously learning about suppliers, factories and other company entities through audits and certifications, customized tags and uploaded documents related to PO such as commercial invoices, bill of lading, packing lists, etc. The more data provided, the smarter it becomes!

Raw Material Traceability Dashboard


Purchase Orders are categorized according to the level of risk they represent based on an overall analysis along with a more detailed look at country of origin, entity, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4. Easily filter and review the orders that pose a risk for your business. 

Raw material traceability dashboard

Reassure your consumers & strengthen your marketing messages

Fabric Yarn Bale original chart

Proof of origin

An additional dashboard provides further insights on the breakdown of origin for:

  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4

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