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Quality & Compliance software driving a more transparent, sustainable future.

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Map Your Supply Chain

Gain deeper visibility into the complex, multi-tiered company links within your network.


Measure Your Impact

Measure, track, compare and report your compliance to the latest CSR standards.


Strengthen Your Message

Reassure your consumers with strong marketing messages built on data you can trust.

Verify compliance and take quick action


Perform due diligence to ensure that compliance to the latest CSR and sustainability standards are met throughout the supply chain.

  • Real-time reporting, clear results and expiry date tracking for a variety of audit types.
  • Identify failures and potential risks and take quick action in initiating corrective action plans and follow-up audits.
  • Support and promote an ethical workplace while protecting your reputation.
Back of person holding hard hat in front of mobile device screen capturing factory CSR audit data

Expand your visibility


Easily navigate your complex supplier network, linking vendors and mapping the chain of custody through interactive maps and immersive reporting tools. Evaluate and rank your suppliers through instant comparative and detailed analysis, providing the visibility and transparency you need to help guide your sustainability strategies and drive real change.

Understand your environmental impact


Access an organized and detailed library of raw materials and components and gain visibility on the materials used by your suppliers. Track consumption levels and the carbon footprint of the components in your finished products to better understand the environmental impact and deliver strong marketing messages to the end consumer.

Woman's hands using laptop with Edit BOM page behind and field to enter consumption data

Help power change


Collaborate with suppliers to help guide and promote best practices and share sustainability expertise through a customizable training program directly within the Pivot88 web platform. Collect valuable feedback, communicate clear, consistent information and ensure content is reviewed and mastered among your teams and networks.

Fix problems / Eliminate waste


Conveniently track, monitor and manage all your quality & compliance data from one platform for true end-to-end visibility


Spot gaps in the process, identify areas of improvement & catch defects early, eliminating waste & reducing negative environmental impact.


Easily manage returns from store level and beyond, linking them back to a specific process or supplier to close the loop and target quality issues at the source.


Use Pivot88's various solutions to foster a circular supply chain and help to promote, implement and power your existing programs.


Review customer feedback, concerns and ratings to learn more about the end consumer and help shape your sustainability goals.

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