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Quality Management Software

Intuitive digital platform & inspection forms built on industry best practices.

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Complete Workflows

Easily book inspections, collect information, manage approvals and request follow-ups and action plans when a non-conformity is found.

Customizable Content

Our processes and inspection forms can be easily tailored to your specific industry and business needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Work comfortably in your native language and between multiple time zones with our flexible booking options.

Pivot88's Quality & Compliance Pro


Your solution for visibility at all stages of the manufacturing process - from pre-production meetings, raw material, inline, final, and DC inspections to store returns and more!

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360° Inspections


Visibility at every stage of the manufacturing process with simplified booking processes for all types of workflows - including 3rd party inspection firms, self-inspection and shadow inspection. Easily identify gaps in the process to help target areas of improvement.

Alerts & Notifications 


Reminders, warnings and alerts are available each step of the way communicating important information while keeping you up to date and on-task.

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Clear, organized & customized reports

  • Configure inspection methods, levels and AQL with custom defect lists and checklists by product.

  • Enjoy real-time access to inspection reports that can be easily viewed, printed and shared.

  • Boost productivity while  minimizing errors and variations with structured processes & formats across your supply chain.

Instant capture


Our mobile app offers many photo and comment capabilities. Whether used online or offline, users can capture defect data in their native language directly on the factory floor.

Configurations can be made by process with the option to visually identify defect locations on a product sketch.

Easily connect to external devices, such as a smart tape, to work more efficiently, capturing measurements quickly and more accurately.

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Did you know?


We are the first to introduce a fabric inspection app


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  • Reduce costs 

  • Reduce time to market 

  • Increase transparency

  • Increase sustainability 

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Automated workflows


Workflows made easy with auto-calculated results based on your pre-defined business rules. Inspection reports are submitted and available in real-time for auto or manual approval.

Actionable data & intelligence


Data captured at each stage of the production process is consolidated offering valuable insights through comprehensive tables, charts, and dashboards to help you monitor trends and predict future risks.

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Track the cost of quality


Track non-conformities and request 8D reports to suppliers to implement immediate and future corrective action plans. Costs can be easily tracked and charged back to the supplier. Validate that corrective action plans are in place and successful by requesting follow-up audits.

With a multitude of add-on modules available, Pivot88 has a solution for everyone!

Including brands, retailers, factories, sourcing companies & third parties.

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