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We live in the age of data

Even though this is bringing us endless opportunities, it can also be a challenge turning data into meaningful insights. Pivot88 leverages A.I. & Business Intelligence to help you achieve a deeper understanding of your quality, supply chain and market data.

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Pivot88 provides Custom Analysis & Data Interpretation services

  • Predict risks & identify efficiency opportunities to improve future performance.
  • Understand market trends & benchmark your results.
  • Make better allocation decisions, optimize processes and identify cost saving opportunities.

We provide these services for a variety of data sources

Pivot88 Data

Data captured during quality inspections and factory audits in the Pivot88 system.

Data Integration

Integration of other data sources (quality, supply chain, manufacturing, etc.).

External Data

Integration of Pivot88 data with external data sources (news feed, client data, etc.), providing benchmarks and correlations.

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