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Virtual Inspections: Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Supply Chain

covid-19 risk management virtual inspections Mar 18, 2020

The Coronavirus has now become the biggest disruptor of all time in global business. To reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease, governments are imposing travel bans and self-quarantine measures, and companies are cancelling business trips and are advising their employees not to travel. Everyone is in a state of panic, as the World Health Organization qualified the virus as a Pandemic.

Safety has therefore become the new currency for both governments and companies. But the reality is that business must go on. In this time of crisis, managers need to rethink how things are done, and find more creative ways to continue their activities.

How to protect your team?

The risk of infection increases when many people are in the same place. Offices and public transport are high risk areas, so most employees have been asked, or even forced to work from home whenever possible. But what about quality inspectors and auditors? When they are not allowed to travel, how do brands keep the visibility of what is happening in the factories – often on the other side of the world?

How to protect your brand and your customers?

The need for transparency, and the insurance that products – and therefore the brand reputation – will not be compromised, is greater than ever. How do companies continue to ensure the best quality for their products, produced in the right manufacturing conditions? How do they know their products will still arrive on time?


Virtual inspections offer solutions

What if you could virtually track on-site inspections in real time, regardless of where you are located in the world? And at the same time, keep everyone safe? Wouldn’t that make your job much easier, during these uncertain times?

With a Quality and Compliance Software, virtual inspections become a reality. Brands can benefit from:

  • Full transparency in their supply chain – even if that supply chain is located on the other side of the world
  • The ability to manage their risk and keep employees safe and healthy during uncertain times
  • The ability to get real-time inspection data
  • The ability to improve their product quality and therefore brand reputation
  • The peace of mind that their products will arrive on time, and without any surprises
  • The ease of a digital app and online platform – as opposed to paper inspection forms
  • The ability to analyze quality data, and better manage their risk

Pivot88 is the #1 quality and compliance platform enabling 360° supply chain transparency from raw material sourcing to customer delivery and beyond. Pivot88 is designed to enhance your quality & compliance performance and to manage your business risks. 100% digital, dynamic and powered by applied artificial intelligence, it offers instant actionable data analytics for smarter and faster decisions. Over 18,000 companies in more than 60 countries chose us as their trusted partner.

Virtual inspections will help your company through these unforeseen circumstances, and getting started is easy… Contact [email protected] for online onboarding. 

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