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PI Supply Chain Forum Amsterdam


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Special presentation with  

Today's Transparent, Resilient, Traceable Supply Chain:

Oakley's Digital Transformation 3 Years In

May 30th | 2:05PM | ROOM 1


Xavier Laforge

Global Quality Manager, Oakley

Jo Anne Benson

Senior Director Product Solutions, Pivot88


Learn how the Pivot88 turnkey platform has enabled Oakley to build relationships with all supply chain tiers to drive Transparency, Resilience, Traceability and Testing in order to comply with CSR and ESG legal mandates while keeping the end consumer informed and delighted with superior products. 

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Supply chain sustainability & resilience
Multi-tier supply chain visibility, traceability & collaboration
New & ever-evolving legislative mandates
CSR, supplier compliance & audits
Real time chain of custody tracking

Ask us about Raw Material Traceabililty


Reconcile the digital history of a product, from raw material through to finished good, with Pivot88's raw material traceability solution powered by artificial intelligence.